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Be the master of your own data

Upon receiving your authorization,

GXChain will consolidate your data from multiple platforms, the data will be encrypted and stored on a blockchain,

and the generated Data-Key(private key) will be handed over to you, giving you back control of your data.

You have the data property and privacy, and you can determine whether to benefit and monetize your data or not.

General ID (GID)

GID is generated on GXChain after ID verification, it cannot be tampered with once established. G-ID aims to be the passport of the future.

Data uncached

The data will be secured distributed through asymmetrical encryption and interplanetary file system (IPFS) on the sidechain. Our system will not cache any data.

Decentralized data management

The Data-Key will be secured at the local client side. No centralized database will store your personal information and Data-Key. We are not able to check or use your data as well.